Got Icons?

By moosnews
September 15, 2009

got-icons Have you guys seen our set of free farm-fresh web icons? If not, check them out now. We (meaning our team of talented designers,  seeing that I cannot design at all) have built a set of 800 icons that you can download for free directly from our website.

We have provided these knowing that most designers/web developers are in constant need of professionally designed icons.  Each icon comes in a 16 and 32-pixel version and is ideal for both application and personal use. On top of that, we’ll be adding a couple hundred more in the coming weeks.

Another cool thing is that you don’t have to be a FatCow customer to download these icons (Shameless plug – Not a FatCow customer? – Sign up now).  The only obligation we have is that you follow the Terms of Use, which we have detailed on the page. Trust me, they’re pretty harmless.  We do ask that you link back to us if you use them so it’ll help spread the word about FatCow.

Thanks again and enjoy the icons.


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