Mail improvements – fast and furious

By moosnews
October 21, 2009

Hey all,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we just beefed (sorry, but I have a bad cow joke quota to make) up  our default mailbox size to 250MB.  It was a skimpy 25MB prior to this most recent upgrade.  Also,  we have a new version of WebMail coming out soon (if you use SquirrelMail, you are using it now). Atmail and Horde users will be moved to it soon and we expect you’ll like it.

Not all the improvements are as sexy. With the goal of improving mail performance, we have implemented an abandoned mailbox policy as well.  I like to call it the “Don’t Create it and Forget it” policy.  Spam hits unused mailboxes hard and  since the boxes are abandoned all those messages just build up resulting in a slower mail system.   So you now need to login to your mailboxes every 90 days to avoid it being disabled.  Forwards will still work as always. I know that this policy  sounds harsh, but it’s the price we pay for wanting to provide  a good quality web hosting service at an affordable price.

Thanks again and keep on chugging


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