Custom iPhone icons – To be or not to be?

By moosnews
November 11, 2009

We here at FatCow were just having an interesting discussion the other day about how cool it would be if you could modify the look of your iPhone with custom icons.  Seriously,  you can modify the look of your desktop with any icon that you want, but Apple doesn’t allow you to create custom icons for your iPhone? What gives?

That being said,  the designer of the farm fresh free icons, made a quick  apocalyptic-themed mock up (just in time for the release  of 2012) of what it would possibly look like if Apple allowed this functionality.

Do you think Apple should allow the iPhone to be modified this way?  We at FatCow think so.  One thing Apple should think about is the movement of Android in this space. Google is the king of being open and I suspect they’ll make this functionality available, if they haven’t already.

Please comment and let me know what you guys think

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ps. The designer also made these icons available for you to do whatever you want with.  They’re located here

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13 Responses to “Custom iPhone icons – To be or not to be?”

  1. Fitzgerald D. Sasil Says:

    To be! This is so cool, I was really wondering why Apple doesn’t allow us to create custom icons from our iPhone. I hope Apple would allow this modification soon because this would be great!

  2. iPhone lover Says:

    This can be done on a jailbroken iPhones, can’t see Apple ever letting people do it though, shame as some of the themes out there, including the one here are pretty cool!

  3. Milford Says:

    Apple should let users to customize the iPhone however users want.

  4. Tennis Bets Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head there with Android.

    The iPhone is great, but there is going to be some much more that Android can do in a short time.

    It will be interesting to see how Apples iPhones sales are this time next year.

  5. AT&T Forums Says:

    100% users should be allowed to alter the icons. Thats half the fun in owning this over priced paper weight!

  6. Video Production Service Says:

    If you are running a jailbroken iPhone, there are quite a few custom icon sets I believe. I’ve never really cared that much, but these are pretty cool. I especially like the “phone” icon with the smoke signals.

  7. Richard Says:

    cool yet confusing. Apple is all about KISS – I don’t see it happening.

  8. corirocchio Says:

    This is the best iPhone to be modified this way.

  9. Paternity test Says:

    No I don’t think apple should allow custom icons. This will surely take away from the consistent branding that is the hallmark of apple. I can imagine some people creating some horrible icons for their iphones. Don’t do it….I say!

  10. Selena Says:


    custom icons, nice! Looks really good! I wish Apple should change their minds a bit and would allow more things with their products…

  11. Tim Says:

    I like that layout and theme. Tbh, I think Apple should allow anything to be modified, as long as it is legal. The sky is the limit with the amount of technology we have today and some people can make incredible advancements to these new iPhone models. iphone 6

  12. michael phelps diet Says:

    I really love these icons of apple

  13. whats the best calling card Says:

    is there a premium apps for this?glad to hear more updates from here.

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