Twitter Marketing Strategy (Part 3)

By moosnews
February 28, 2010

Website Scavenger Hunt

The website scavenger hunt takes the trivia challenge (mentioned in part 2) to the next level. It requires your followers to search around your website for the answer to a question. Of course this requires more effort for your visitors so you may want to make the prize worth their effort.

Here is the way it works. Send out a tweet announcing the scavenger hunt, the prize and instruction to send the answer in a direct message. In a second tweet ask the question and provide a link to the homepage of your website. For example, using the previous example of a candy company, you can ask which three boxes of candy contain caramel chews. The question should require your followers to look at multiple pages of your website and come in contact with multiple products or services. Like the trivia challenge, the website scavenger hunt drives traffic to your site, brings awareness to your product and will hopefully create sales.

Since so much advertising occurs on Twitter it is vital that you become creative with your marketing strategies. As you probably know, a simple tweet does not bring the same results that it brought when Twitter was just beginning. Strategies such as the retweet raffle, the trivia challenge and the website scavenger hunt are unique, drive traffic to your site and engage your followers.

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