Simple ways to make your business green

By moosnews
March 2, 2010

A great way to save money on your business operations is to take simple steps towards going green. Not only will going green save energy and help the environment, but these small steps are sure to help bring in more green… dollars that is.

For starters, consider items which are often overlooked such as lighting. Consider changing out energy consuming incandescent or traditional light bulbs for more energy efficient fluorescent lights or even LED’s. Both fluorescent lights and LEDs consume significantly less energy and often have a much longer longevity. This will save you time and money in the long run while also helping out the environment. In addition, utilize as much natural light as possible in your home office or production space. Open windows during the day for light and ventilation. On that same note, check windows for drafts which can easily be fixed with pieces of inexpensive foam tubing from the hardware store. Fixing drafts will maximize the efficiency of your heating or cooling efforts and will help ensure that minimal energy is wasted.

Another great way to go green is to minimize paper use. If possible, consider going paperless by sending out receipts and invoices via e-mail or having contracts signed electronically. Not only will you be saving on the cost and disposal of paper, but having electronic copies of all your important documents stored in one centralized location reduces clutter and makes for ease in organization. After all, searching for a name on your computer is much easier than manually going through a collection of paper files. If paper is unavoidable and has to be used, try recycling unimportant documents. Use both sides when printing and recycle rather than throw out. Crumpled up paper makes an inexpensive packaging material when shipping items.

Lastly, try and use as many green products as possible. Shop at local growers for produce and grocery items. Buy recycled, unbleached paper rather than the heavily processed white variety. Use dye free and environmentally safe cleaning products. If you own a restaurant or food production, see if you can arrange sale of your food waste to compost for local farmers. Going green does not require a huge expensive overhaul, just some simple changes here and there.

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