Five Ways to Monetize Parked Domains and Websites

By moosnews
March 4, 2010

Online marketing is all about trends and opportunities. Almost every veteran internet marketer has sweated their missed domain purchases — passing ideas that could have been turned into million-dollar branded domain names. Alongside domain stress is the annoyance of missing major online trends — ultra-profitable marketing products that are now too saturated or harshly regulated to remain profitable.

However, there are also opportunities that are capitalized on but never used. Almost all serious SEO experts invest in domain names and websites, even if they end up almost completely unused. If you are one of those internet marketers — the type with cluttered website collections, occasionally packed with unused websites — these five methods can help you monetize otherwise wasted space.

1) Redirect to a different website.

High traffic search positions do not always have to be used for themselves. With a simple redirection script — server side or page side — you can configure one of your top-ranked and unused websites to redirect to a completely different page. For example, if you have a major website in the “shoes” niche coupled with some supporting pages that rank for “high heel shoes,” why not redirect the smaller page to your main commercial website?

2) Use it to generate leads for other businesses.

A lot of businesses operate in micro-niches, and having a high-ranked website alongside theirs can open you to a lot of opportunities. If you have built a website that you just can’t monetize through Adsense or on-page affiliate offers, it could be worth contacting other niche businesses directly. A partnership may just be the thing you need to monetize your unused assets.

3) Optimize it for Adsense clicks and advertising revenue.

A static page sitting at the top of the search engines is literally losing money every second that it goes without active advertising. Opportunity cost matters a lot in business, particularly online business. With just a small time and effort investment in different advertising platforms and on-page CPC ads, your income from a single website could dramatically increase. Top-ranked search engine positions are a rarity, and wasting the opportunity is akin to throwing potential income away.

4) Build a link resource for your other websites.

Google’s Page Rank concept is both ingenious and convenient for online marketers. Once your websites have reached a certain level of authority — defined and calculated mainly by the amount of inbound links and authority mentions — it becomes a valuable link resource for your other websites. If you are stuck with one successful website and a number of failing counterparts, use your successful site as an outbound link resource.

5) Sell the website to fund another project.

Website auctions — known as site “flipping” to some — are a major source of revenue for many companies. If you are stuck with a website that offers value but you can’t monetize, it could be worth passing on to someone that can monetize it. Successful websites in valuable niches regularly fetch top dollar online, and a well-ranked website could amass enough capital to fund another online project.

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