Social Media makes sense

By moosnews
March 9, 2010

New media is the latest buzz word and entails all facets of online marketing including social media marketing. Between Twitter and Facebook, everyone has caught the social networking bug. If you aren’t on board with social media, you might as well turn back the clock to 2000.

As 2010 launches forward with new media strategies, social media is the hottest online marketing strategy that companies use on a daily basis. By the end of 2010, it’s estimated that the popular business networking site, LinkedIn, will have over 90,000,000 members.

Social media marketing (SMM) offers companies personalized, real-time communication with their clients. Social media builds strong, lasting relationships that management and employees wouldn’t be able to build otherwise with clients. Social media also opens up a global network which increases the opportunity to create working relationships across the world.

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