Facebook Advertising: The Holy Grail of Targeted Online Marketing?

By moosnews
March 10, 2010


With 400-million active users ranging from 25 to 85, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, featured on the cover of this month’s Fast Company magazine, insinuates that Facebook is just getting started.

According to Fast Company, Facebook handles more than 30 billion page views per month, is the 6th most trafficked site in the US, and is growing at a rate of 3% per week.

And if you’re a business owner, what is even more important is that because of the nature of Facebook’s registration process, each of those 15 million+ users has freely plugged in a great deal of demographic information to Facebook — critical information such as location, age, gender, education, place of employment, relationship status, interests, and language.

Even more tantalizing for the savvy business owner is that Facebook offers a simple system for you to place your ad right in front of your target market sweet spot — and its not that expensive.

Advertising on Facebook

For as highly targeted and as broad of an audience it reaches, getting started with Facebook advertising is quite simple. A person could technically create a Facebook ad in minutes and serve it to tens of thousands of people by the end of the day.

Before jumping to start creating a Facebook ad, consider these points:

1. Where will you be sending your audience once they click your ad? Does that page deliver on the promise that excited them in the ad and give them an opportunity to take action by either buying a product, filling out a lead form or signing up for your newsletter?

2. Test different ads. Even if you think your ad is performing well, try a few different versions to see what drives the most results. Try a new headline, or a new photo, or new ad copy. Make changes one at a time to find out which single element is making the impact.

3. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and learn about bidding. Facebook advertising works a lot like Adwords, where you must bid on ads. The more you learn, the more ROI you will likely earn on each dollar spent.

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Happy marketing!

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