A Green Net

By moosnews
March 22, 2010

The Internet is rapidly becoming the default communications network, displacing or subsuming traditional communications technologies like television, print media and even telephone service. The incredible growth of the Internet has increased the power consumed by service providers and web hosting services by a tremendous amount. While the Net is very efficient compared to larger, more hierarchical technologies, the rapid proliferation of the support infrastructure for Net hosting, services and other Internet related functions is now a major source of energy consumption on a global scale.

While each individual action on the Internet consumes a tiny amount of power, the sheer number of Internet operations means that the Net is constantly drawing power from the various power grids that supply it. This has gotten so big that companies providing Internet services have actually gotten into the Power Supply business to become more competitive in the marketplace. Look at the newest Google company, Google Power, as an example.

As the Net grows more integral to the way society functions, the need for responsible adoption of ecologically responsible behaviors grows as well. Green web hosting, with certified 100% green power sources, is an excellent way to address this issue. Here at Fatcow, we’re aware of the problems surrounding supplying power to the Internet and we’re doing our part by securing power sources that are 100% green. By using renewable energy sources like wind and solar, we’re making sure that our part of the Net is sustainable, making sure our customers have access to a responsible solution to their Internet presence.

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