Tips to score big with facebook advertising

By moosnews
March 25, 2010

Facebook ads can be affordable and effective way to target an audience and boost a website’s profitability. They’re also easy to create, deploy, and track, so website owners can benefit from the information and traffic generated by these ads. Nonetheless, there are some tips to make them even more successful.

Keep in Mind that “Less is More”

Ads should be as clean and simple as possible with concise sentences and good punctuation. Don’t use lengthy descriptions or multiple images and headlines in the ads. Instead, try to come up with short sentences that are full of information yet snappy and memorable. However, make sure they represent the product or service adequately. The key is for Facebook-ers to see, read and understand the ad’s message in seconds.

Test the Right Ad at the Right Time

Audiences can be extremely fickle. Therefore, create several versions of the ad and try them out at various times and target different audiences. It can also help to release them at different times of day (advertisers often say ads are more effective at night than during the day). This also helps if the ads are already getting good traffic, but not enough to eat up the advertiser’s daytime daily budget.

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