Tips for Finding a Hosting Company That Fits In All the Right Places

By moosnews
March 26, 2010

…And That Gives You Room to Grow hosting

web hostingWith so many web hosting companies out there offering all kinds of options in various combinations, it can seem almost impossible to identify the right one. Shopping for web hosting is like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans — if you just pick a pair up off the rack and slip into them, there’s a high probability that they won’t “fit” — or at least not well. Taking the time to find the one that ‘fits’ you can make all the difference. Here are some key points to check that will ensure that you’re choosing a hosting provider that fits you in all the right places.

Watch Out For Limits

Some companies offer an amazing sounding deal, but what they fail to mention is the extremely low caps on important things such as bandwidth, disk space, and POP mailboxes. These sorts of limits might not seem important at the start, but down the road if a website suddenly gets a lot of traffic, it is sure to hit the limit and go down. This can happen when the site has been linked to by another important site. Don’t let this happen. Be sure to review account options with high limits, or better yet, none at all.

Make Sure the Web Host Speaks the Same Language

Cheap web hosting is great, but make sure it can handle the website and code needed to make everything run flawlessly. This includes things such as shopping carts and SSL secure servers, WordPress, Joomla, Python, Perl, and many others. This will ensure the site will run the way it should without requiring recoding or limiting its functionality.

Interested in a Robust, but Affordable Solution?

If you want to avoid a trip back to the store to return those jeans that didn’t fit well, and get the right web hosting company the first time, have a look at FatCow’s $66/year plan. Not only does this include great hosting with things like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. It also includes free domains, POP mailboxes, FTP Users and SubUsers in addition to our other great features with a money back guarantee to back it up!

Check out our FatCow web hosting plan today! We provide everything you need to build a successful online presence, and then some!web hosting

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