3 ways to advertise a website offline

By moosnews
April 1, 2010

Sometimes, website owners get so busy trying to build their online presence locally or worldwide, they forget about the starving local market they already have access to. Advertising a website offline is a great way to build site visitors and loyalty while building the brand’s reputation and reach. Best of all, the more creativity a business uses when getting the word out on the street, the more successful it usually is.

Team Up For Charity

charity Why not support a good cause and spread the word about your website at the same time? Offer to fundraise or host a web page for a favorite charity and be sure to include the website address on the flyers and advertising. This will help reach a new audience, bring people directly to the site, and encourage them to interact with the business. In addition, consumers are more likely to buy from a business that supports the local community and non-profit organizations.

Use Incentives and Discounts

Don’t be afraid to offer an incentive to existing and potential clients through the website. Give them a business card (with the website address on it, of course!) and encourage them to log on, sign up, or take advantage of special discount codes found there. Better yet, give them a business card with an additional discount or incentive they can share with friends or family and encourage good old fashioned word of mouth advertising.

Make Use Of Alternative Mediums

Be sure to include the website address in any of the offline advertising the business purchases. Radio, television, and even newspaper ads can drive significant amounts of traffic with great results. To make the address memorable, make it as easy as possible to say and remember (for example, fatcow.com rather than http://www.fatcow.com).

These are just three ways to promote a website offline, and there are many more out there. In short, don’t be afraid to encourage others to visit and don’t be shy about spreading the news! Want to try out some advertising on our dime? Sign up with FatCow now and receive $125 in free advertising credits. This way, you can get the most out of every penny you spend. Visit FatCow and check out our $125 Free Advertising offer right now!

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