Taking Mafia Wars too seriously

By moosnews
April 2, 2010

facebook There have been an awful lot of stories percolating up from the corners of the web that have to do with criminals getting caught because of their use of social networking sites. This may seem a bit silly, but then crooks are people too. In just the past week there have been a couple of really good examples of why crime and social networking don’t mix. First was a 17 year old who robbed an office furniture store and stopped to check his MySpace account. The second was a little weightier.
Registered on Facebook as “Scarface,” Pasquale Manfredi was recently brought to justice in Italy, where he was one of the 100 most wanted criminals in the country. Manfredi was caught thanks to his repeated logins to Facebook, which let police track him down to a tiny basement apartment where he was in hiding. No matter how hard your boss may come down on social networking at work, at least it won’t end up with you getting arrested by a task force of 50 cops.

For more, check out http://abcnews.go.com/International/facebook-finds-mafia-boss/story?id=10124958

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