Harness the Power of Online Video Marketing

By moosnews
April 5, 2010

While text still dominated the world of SEO, video is becoming a very hot topic amongst online marketers. The marketing fuel behind hundreds of informational product, utilities, and long-term subscription services, video marketing is beginning to receive the praise, attention, and financial investment that it deserves.

Part of this resurgence in the success of video marketing is due to technology. Until two or three years ago, professional level video equipment was out of the budget for many internet marketers. A good camera cost upward of $10,000, a set of lenses just as much on their own, and basic sound equipment several thousands of dollars. Today, the same results can be achieved from a $200 camera, giving marketers unprecedented power over video.

These four tips can help small business owners and boutique online businesses improve their earnings, boost leads, and massively expand their business with video marketing. From video-based SEO tips to cool product demonstration strategies, these tips, tactics, and strategies can be highly valuable for small online and offline businesses.

1) Generate leads with Youtube

Youtube has grown at a remarkable rate. In 2006 it was a startup that could barely cover its server costs and maintenance contracts, but today it’s a highly valuable asset of Google, one of the largest companies out there.

With its now huge size, it’s grown in more than just popularity. Youtube is now a valuable lead generation resource for marketers, a worthwhile marketing asset for small businesses, and a very worthwhile field for video demonstrations and visual pitches. If your business is looking for inexpensive leads, upload some videos to Youtube, tag them with appropriate terms, and enjoy the 100% free lead generation and prospective customers.

2) Sell prospective customers through video demonstrations

Video demonstrations are highly effective — their value is demonstrated in their massive quantity on daytime TV and home shopping channels. While initially limited to TV networks and specialized online directories, services like Youtube and DailyMotion have made video demonstrations something that’s popular for all businesses. Record your product in action and market directly to your customers, all by placing a video demonstration on your website.

3) Create ‘viral’ advertisements and promotional videos

When it comes to viral marketing, nothing spreads better than an interesting video. From funny 5-second clips to long, passionate, and interesting demonstrations, the potential marketing power of a viral video is immeasurably huge.

If your business is in need of some ultra-cheap marketing power, don’t search for cheap advertising spaces and low-cost directory listings. Instead, get creative and design a commercial video that could go viral, ensuring plenty of completely free attention for your business.

4) Rank high in Google using Youtube’s search benefits

A few months ago, Youtube videos started appearing in Google’s search results. Since then, they’ve grown from a once-a-week occurrence to something that pops up on almost every popular search term. If you want to capitalize on search traffic without investing months into SEO, a well-tagged Youtube video could be the best option for you.

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