Social networking hits the streets

By moosnews
April 6, 2010

There’s been a real trend of social networks interacting with geotagging in unexpected ways lately. Geotagging is, of course, a consequence of having a location sensitive phone. Nearly all modern smartphones include some form of location awareness, usually a GPS chip, that lets them recognize where they are. Social networking services have seized on this ability to push the Net out from the aether and onto the streets.
One of the unusual outcomes of this convergence of technologies has been Foursquare. Foursquare tracks your location and hands out awards and titles based on how much time you spend in a given area. If you rule the local Starbucks, for example, you may be named its Foursquare Mayor. It also hands out achievements like those found on social gaming services when a user accomplishes certain tasks.
People get pretty competitive about defending their titles in a giant, GPS enabled King-of-the-Hill match. And while Foursquare is a game, some people are busily working on techniques to make businesses around the idea with locationally sensitive coupon sites competing with taxi apps to properly monetize locationally aware technology.

For more about competitive Foursquare players, check out

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