A closer look at free web hosting

By moosnews
April 9, 2010

Everyone wants to save money, and the idea of getting free web hosting is always tempting. Unfortunately, these free deals aren’t always as great as they seem to be. In some circumstances, they may even end up costing business owners more money than they may be willing to pay.

Limits and Caps

Free web hosting often sounds great until you look at the fine print. Many of the companies offering free hosting keep cost down by imposing harsh limits on bandwith, storage, and other important details. And while this might not be a big deal for someone who posts on a personal blog once every few months, this can be harmful for a business since many of them don’t realize how low the limits are until they get some good publicity and their site goes down just as it starts to get busy.

Image and Professionalism

A provider may give away free hosting, but they usually help cover their losses through numerous other methods. Sites are often ad supported and they may even go on a subdomain. While this might not seem like a big deal for a personal blog, it can make a business appear unprofessional and can even degrade the level of trust visitors have for the site.

Functionality and Quality

Perhaps the biggest problem with free web hosting is the hardware, software, and tools it uses. These hosting providers may not be the most reliable service and may use older equipment. These services are often missing quality content management systems, site builders, and other tools that become necessary for maintaining a website.

Business owners should never judge the quality of web hosting on price alone, although getting a good deal always helps! Instead, compare offers and examine the details carefully to be sure the service matches the needs of the site. Check out FatCow’s $66/year plan. Not only does this include great hosting with things like unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. It also includes free domains, POP mailboxes, FTP Users and SubUsers in addition to our other great features with a money back guarantee to back it up!

We don’t have any fine print, just BIG, BOLD fonts! Just check out our web hosting today!

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