Tips for choosing a great domain name

By moosnews
April 12, 2010

A domain is arguably the most important decision to make when creating a new website. Not only will customers need this to find your site, but it also has some benefits for search engine optimization while helping to identify the purpose of the site. Here are three tips for finding a great domain name:

Help Lost Visitors

Since site owners will be repeating the name of their websites and customers will need to remember it, the domain name needs to be something simple to work with. For instance, try using a .COM domain, avoid hyphens if you can, and try to ensure it’s something easy to spell. You might also consider purchasing close variations and TLDs (.ORG, .NET) of your domain and redirecting it to your main web address just in case someone gets the address wrong. By stocking up on the close variations of your domain names you can be safely assured that web visitors will find you! The domain should also match the business name for ease of use.

Make It User-Friendly

Domain names that are short and easy to say can be a huge help when marketing your website offline (and trust us, you will want to definitely do this). You’ll also want to avoid things like double letters (ex,, alternate spellings ( vs, or domains wordings that look kind of funky ( looks like Not exactly a good image.)

Keyword VS Creative

The debate between choosing a creative domain and a keyword rich one is ongoing. There are only a few good keyword rich names available that aren’t going to cost you a fortune, so choose something that will help make your site more memorable instead.

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