Identifying Juicy links

By moosnews
April 14, 2010

Links have become an important component of any website marketing plan. These links not only help improve your search engine rankings and generate more traffic, but they can also help establish your brand and bring in more qualified traffic. Unfortunately, not all links are created equal. Here’s how to find the good ones:

Good Links Come From a Good Site

It’s said that one way Google and other search engines are to determine the value of a link is by looking at the site it’s coming from. If a website is filled with a mix of content, spam, and is seen as untrustworthy, it won’t carry the same weight as one from a reliable, authoritative site like Be sure to look at the page the link is coming from before requesting or dropping a link.

Number of Links on a Page

Each web page only has so much juice to go around, so when there are tons of links on a page, each one will only carry a small amount of link juice. In fact, Google and other search engines have admitted they only look at a set number of links before their crawlers move on to another page.

Anchor Text Says It All

When a word or phrase is used to link one site to another, the colored clickable text is called anchor text. This also plays an important role when ranking a site for a specific keyword. The search engine crawlers will determine what the page is about by the linking of one site to another and conclude it’s relevancy to the web page content.

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    What about PR. Is it important to have links from high PR?

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