Promotions gone wrong

By moosnews
April 21, 2010

Web hosting is a constantly expanding industry, with millions of new users requiring additional services, which in turn require new servers to handle the load of hosting web pages. Web hosting and cloud computing have driven an intense amount of competition between producers, which leads to a number of rather creative marketing approaches intended to distinguish a given company’s product. Sales incentives designed to push a given product, are common in many industries but the fast paced and intense competition over web server sales has produced a number of pretty strange incentives. The most recent winner of the ‘strangest incentive’ award is most likely ServerBeach, a hosting company that promised to give a free piercing ‘of their choice’ with every server purchased on April 1st.
No, this was not an April Fool’s prank.
And it wasn’t quite as out of left field as it may appear. Other sales incentives and marketing plans in server sales have included tattoo based human billboards and other body art for successful sales members. The recipients of ServerBeach’s newest sales incentive can pick up their piercing at the Internet World conference in London in late April.

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