Data Center Efficiency

By moosnews
April 30, 2010

Between the recent Greenpeace report on the state of cloud computing and recent adoption of data center efficiency metrics developed by The Green Grid, a data center regulation and efficiency organization, the world is beginning to take serious notice of the energy costs of computing. With the increase in web activity and the growing popularity of cloud based computing, the energy (and climatic) impact of the Internet has become an increasing concern for environmentalists. Part of the problem in addressing the energy costs of the data centers that provide much of the muscle behind web hosting and other Internet services has been a lack of universal standards to gauge how efficient a particular data center is.

Green Grid’s metrics and standards will, now that they’ve been adopted by most of the developed world, allow efficiency technicians to understand exactly what energy costs can be improved on and where the most effective changes can be made to improve the economic and environmental impact of data centers. While these efficiency reports and measurements will improve computer efficiency and improve how green the average web server is, converting web servers away from fossil fuel power supplies will also help make the net green. For example, we here at Fatcow already get the power for our web hosting services from purely green sources.

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  1. Alex Says:

    there are several factors that go into the decision to site a Data Center. This includes locations where renewable resources or alternative energy choices are available and where the climate allows use of air side economization rather than chillers.

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