Optimize your site for iPad

By moosnews
May 25, 2010

The popularity of the iPad has proven this format will certainly create a profitable marketing base for those willing to work with it. This means making sure websites are optimized for the iPad to give them an edge over their competitors. Here are three ways to do it:

Start with a Basic HTML Coded Site

iPad Using only head, title, body, heading, and <P> tags, code a basic page in HTML that can be displayed on any browser no matter how basic or antiquated it maybe. Images, bold, italics, and underline as well as fancy fonts should also be avoided in order to avoid the possibility of display issues. Google finds these sites easy to crawl and index as well.

Add CSS To Style the Site

To add style to the site and define its structure, use CSS classes and IDs. This will allow you to give the site the look it needs to succeed, but it also lets you divide and customize the various sections of the site.

Add the Needed Components, Not Luxury Options

The rest of the site’s components such as JavaScript should be added next, however, be careful not to weigh the site down with unnecessary items. Only add things such as menus and Flash control that make the site work. Lastly, make sure to test and check each element as it’s added to ensure it works with the appropriate browser.

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3 Responses to “Optimize your site for iPad”

  1. Tony's fatcow discount Says:

    Okay, I’ve been thinking about this. I have no coding skills. I usually buy scripts or use WordPress because of all the available plugins. So is there a set of plugins that would take care of these changes you mention here? If not, are there tutorials available on the fatcow site?

    Any input is appreciated.



  2. Tal Says:

    all it takes is some css changes to make your site perfect for the ipad,
    are there any technical guides regarding the needed resolution to make the needed adjustments for the ipad ?

  3. Luca Says:

    thank you Tony, i am trying to optimize my site for Ipad.
    Actually the theme that i use calls itself “responsive” but i still experience some issues by browsing it throug ipad.
    Can you suggest me some interventions?
    Do i have to change all the components in “fluid”?
    I have left side widget, a central part and header and footer..
    help appreciated and many thanks for sharing.

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