How fast will 4G be?

By moosnews
June 10, 2010

4G is the newer, faster mobile internet service that is expected to speed by 3G services within the next couple of years. According to MSNBC, web standards expect that 4G coverage should reach download speeds of more than 100 mbps, faster than most home and business services available. Current 3G download speeds range between 400 kbps and 1.5 mbps and will soon become a thing of the past.

What about the new 4G services that are being advertised? Are they the real deal? What you need to know about the future of mobile connection speeds.

The Truth About The New 4G

While web firms agree that the standard should be set much higher for 4G service, marketers certainly are not “up to speed” with what this mobile technology really has to offer. The new 4G being advertised falls far below the standards that have been set. However, it will still be much faster than the current 3G services and will surpass most low-end DSL internet services available for homes.

The fourth generation of wireless services is expected to offer from 4 to 10 times faster service than 3G. To put it into numbers, 4G should provide download speeds of somewhere between 2 mbps and 12 mbps depending on the service. In preparation for the switch to mobile internet, companies are already starting to offer wireless hotspot devices that will connect up to eight devices to the internet.

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