What will Apple develop next?

By moosnews
June 23, 2010

After the successful launch of the Apple iPad, many are wondering what Apple will do next. Their success in the electronics industry is truly incomparable. Through the iPod series, iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook and countless other computers, electronics and accessories they have developed, the question that has to be asked is what is left?

According to a report on cnet.com, it appears that Apple is looking to develop an alternative to Adobe Flash. Gianduia, the Flash alternative introduced originally by Apple last summer, is described as a “client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps.”

The framework has already been in use by apple on their iPhone reservation system, the Concierge program for Genius Bar and Personal Shopping reservations.

The Battle With Flash Heats Up

The clear action to move in on the market long held by Adobe’s Flash software (originally developed by Macromedia) is only the latest in a battle between Apple and Adobe. Apple’s stance to support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS instead of Flash was the beginning of dissension between the two companies.

The fire was fanned when Apple changed their iPhone Developer Licensing Agreement to ban the use of technologies other than Apple’s to develop iPhone apps. This action took place after Adobe had begun advertising the use of Flash to develop iPhone apps. As a result, Adobe has filed complaints with the FTC and Department of Justice which may result in investigations.

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  1. Macbook Pro Shop Says:

    Theirs a rumor going around at the moment that Apple maybe buying out Adobe, this would make sense to me given the lack of support that the new iPad tablet has.

  2. plasico Says:

    We probably should expect iphone 5 and ipad 3.

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