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By moosnews
July 8, 2010

The Internet not only needs to be able to bridge the gap between different languages, but also different alphabets and characters. Now, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has announced they will now take non-Latin character Web addresses. This would essentially change the way Web wanders see the Internet.

Jordan’s Proposed ccTLD

domain names The ccTLD that Jordan has proposed is ‘Al-Ordon’, the Arabic name for Jordon and الاردن in Arabic. The reason for the non-Latin characters is that it’s the country’s official languages and met the requirements set out by the DNS Stability Panel. The IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process for Jordan’s TLD was approved in October of 2009 and the first requests began appearing one month later.

How They Do It

To begin these IDNs, countries need to complete three phases. First, the country in question must prepare for this process before they undergo the second step, which is the string evaluation phase. During this step, the linguistics and technical aspects of the country’s IDNs are tested and defined. Then, they can apply for the string delegation. So far, four countries have passed the evaluation phase. These include Russia, the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

So far, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers have received 21 requests for IDN ccTLDs in 11 languages, according to, 13 of which are ready for string delegation.

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