It’s All Geek to Me – Basics of Web Hosting

By Jen Merry
February 6, 2013

Building a website with a FatCow web hosting account is an easy way to establish an online presence. However, many users may come across some unfamiliar terms when signing up. For example, we all know what a website is, but how is that different from a domain? Learn how these various services work together to help your business get online.

There are four essential parts involved in the creation of your website: your web host, your domain, the ISP that you use to get online, and the device that you use to browse the internet.

Web hosting – Web hosts such as FatCow offer online space and the necessary tools for creating a website, among many other services (such as providing webmail, domain registration, etc). Web hosting space is often located on groups of servers stored in a secure location.
Domain – A domain is the “name” of your website. Domains are used as the common method for easily accessing a website, since they are much simpler to update than IP addresses, which are the strings of numbers used to identify where a website is stored on the internet (think of it similar to an entry in a phone book). An example of a domain is
ISP – An ISP, or “Internet Service Provider,” is a company that provides internet access (such as Comcast, Verizon, Cox, etc). Any ISP can be used to access the services provided by a web host such as FatCow, who is a hosting ISP (as they provide specialized internet offerings, rather than just general access to the internet like a regular ISP).
Computers and Mobile Devices – This group includes any technology that can access the internet, such as a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone or smart phone device such as an iPhone or Android phone, or a tablet computer, such as an iPad or Kindle Fire.

An easy way to think of the relationship between these four parts is like this:
• Your website is your online house
• Your domain is your house’s address
• The internet access provided by an ISP is the road that takes you to your online house
• Your computer or mobile device is the vehicle that you ride for the your journey to your online house

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