Talking about Top Level Domains (TLDs)

By moosnews
March 28, 2013

When you’re registering a domain for a new website, the first thought that most likely pops into your head is “I need to get a .com!” However, despite .com domains being the number one domain extension around the world, there are several other different top level domain (TLD) extensions aside from .com websites that currently have such a major online presence.

Each TLD was originally created with a specific area of interest in mind, which many TLDs still subscribe to (with some having limitations on who or what can use it for their website). However, many TLDs have evolved beyond those original guidelines, and are great for use by any number of websites. In fact, owning multiple TLDs for your website often leads to increased traffic due to greater exposure in search engines. You can also use multiple domain names to redirect web traffic to a single website, providing multiple points of entry for visitors.

Listed below are a few other common TLDs that FatCow offers for registration.
• .com – refers to websites of a “commercial” nature, which is why a majority of businesses and e-commerce entities started frequently using these as the internet developed.
• .net – originally intended for “networking” technologies, this commonly used extension is often used as a second option for .com registrations due to its popularity.
• .org – designated for “organizations,” but has no usage restrictions. This means it can be used with both for and non-profits, schools, or any group that wants to stand out from a typical .com registration.
• .info – used primarily for “informational” websites, this TLD is great for worldwide use due to the its easy-to-understand meaning in any language.
• .biz – a catch-all for “business” websites, it is used by many small businesses as a suitable alternative for already registered “.com” names.

You may also hear about a “ccTLD,” which refers to a “country-coded” domain extension. Most of the nations worldwide have ccTLDs assigned to them, although not all require you to be a citizen of that country to register one! Following are some of the more popular ccTLDs that FatCow offers for registration:
• .ca – reserved for Canadian citizens and businesses, as well as those with Canadian affiliation. Registering a .ca domain requires additional contact with CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, to verify proof of citizenship.
• .uk – designed for use by citizens of the United Kingdom, but can be registered by anyone. This ccTLD offers several subdomain choices for more specific domain registrations, including for “commercial” entities and for non-commercial use by organizations.

These are only some of the TLDs offered by FatCow for registration. Take a look at our knowledgebase for a more comprehensive list!

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