Having a “blast” with FatCow!

By Jen Merry
April 8, 2013

Performing a “Hadoken” is the newest internet meme that has taken off around the world, claiming the virtual throne from last month’s Harlem Shake videos. This meme, originating in Japan, is based on a fighting move from the video game “Street Fighter.” To create a typical “Hadoken” style picture, take an “action shot” of one person throwing an invisible burst of energy with their hands, making it look like another person (or a group of people) is flying backwards up into the air (when they’re actually just jumping while you take the photo). Plus, if you’re feeling creative, you can add some visual effects afterwards to make it seem like some supernatural powers are truly at work!

You might be asking, “what does web hosting have to do with performing a Hadoken?” Well, nothing — aside from the fact that it’s fun, and that our team prides themselves with having a fun place to work!

Knowing how easy it is to make an entertaining version of the Hadoken, the Moo Crew recently held an office contest to see who could create the best Hadoken scene. The winners were Jeff and Joe, two of our Data Center Administrators. The picture was taken at our Boston Datacenter. Note that no servers were harmed in this production!


Timing is everything when capturing the right moment for a perfect Hadoken blast. Want to give it a shot and create your own version? Follow the steps in this tutorial then post your picture on our facebook page or in the comments below. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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