It’s a “cow-incidence” how much we love this customer’s site!

By moosnews
April 15, 2013

Introducing Kelly! Kelly’s a long time FatCow customer, and with an online shop named Cow & the Moon Paper Co., we think she’s a moooovelous addition to the herd!

Cow bells aside, Kelly uses her website to sell personality packed greeting cards to individuals and small business retailers. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, she’s built a loyal following who love her cheeky products.

That cheekiness is the core of her brand, so Kelly recently re-launched her website to reflect her products’ unique personality. Using WordPress, she’s created a dynamic website that features multiple pages, social media buttons, a blog, and of course, an ecommerce shopping cart!

When asked about her hosting experience, Kelly says, “I absolutely love the level of service and support I get from FatCow and recommend them to anyone who will listen.”

Here’s a peek at the Cow & the Moon Paper Co. homepage…

Hosted with FatCow: Screenshot of Cow & the Moon Paper Co. (

Make sure to check out Kelly’s utterly adorable greeting cards at Cow & the Moon Paper Co.!


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