My Favorites – Control Panel Update

By Jen Merry
May 15, 2013

The next time you log in to your control panel, you may notice a new section at the top -“My Favorites!” This is the latest and greatest update to the vDeck control panel, and is aimed at creating a better user experience for everyone. My Favorites helps you to easily showcase your most important (and most often used) programs in a convenient area of your control panel.

My Favorites

From now on, after you use an icon, it will automatically appear in the My Favorites section. If you would like to permanently keep any one of your recently used icons in the My Favorites section, you can “pin” it by clicking the pushpin icon that appears when you hover your cursor over it. Up to 6 icons can be displayed here at a time.


In this example, the FTP icon has been pinned as a favorite, and the FileManager is unpinned (but still shows up here since it was recently used). When the section reaches capacity of 6 icons, the FTP icon will stay pinned here, but the File Manager icon will get replaced with the next recently used icon since it’s not permanently pinned.

We hope this improvement will save you some time navigating through the many icons available for your routine updates. We’d love to hear your feedback on this update, as well as hear about any other ideas that you might have for future updates to our control panel. Leave us a comment!

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2 Responses to “My Favorites – Control Panel Update”

  1. Ben Earle Says:

    Hi Jen,

    You and the FatCow team do an excellent job with the blog. Kudos!

    I was hoping to speak with the person who handles online marketing at FatCow and introduce him/her to AdRoll’s retargeting solution, which is being utilized by leading hosting companies to deliver purchases from prospects who had previous interaction with their site. Would love to have a quick chat about how can replicate our success with FatCow.

    Do you have some time next week to connect?


  2. Meghan Chen Says:

    Windows XP introduced two different views of the Control panel the “Classic View” and “Category View” that are switched to by clicking the link in the top left section of the Control Panel window. By Default Windows will display the Control Panel in Category view, which displays the main categories of the Control Panel and when one of these categories is clicked display related Control Panel icons. For example, when clicking on the “Appearance and Themes” category you’ll be able to adjust the theme, background, screen saver, and screen resolution.

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