Featured Site: Coconut Rain

By Jen Merry
July 29, 2013

Introducing Lynsi! Lynsi’s company, Coconut Rain, was founded as a result of trying to find an all-natural laundry detergent solution that worked for her 5 children’s skin sensitivities and eczema. After over a year of formulating many different recipes of detergent, Coconut Rain was born. All of the Coconut Rain products are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and bio-chemist tested. Her detergents are sold both to residential customers and commercially (including local Michigan hospitals).


Lynsi has been a FatCow customer for about a year now after leaving her former host due to overcharging and not being user-friendly. As a mom and first time entrepreneur, Lynsi was starting her business from scratch. “I have had to rely on myself in all areas of my business. I don’t have any debt with my company, but I also don’t have any capital to pay a web designer” says Lynsi.  She used our Weebly Drag and Drop Builder to quickly and easily create her own website. When asked what she likes best about FatCow, Lynsi says: “I really like the fact that I can manage my own website. That’s the thing I appreciate most…I can do it on my time and it is simple to do.”


Lynsi uses Google Webmaster Tools and promotes her site on search engines to attract new customers. She states: “We are usually the first one listed. That’s huge when people are searching for a product….like trying to find YOUR product in a sea of thousands.”

Make sure you check out Lynsi’s all-natural Coconut Rain detergent at www.coconutrain.com.

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