6 Tips to Successful Affiliate Marketing

By Jen Merry
September 25, 2013

Do you have a website? Would you like to use your website to earn money? If you answered yes, one option is to become an affiliate. Below are some tips on how you can get started and on your way to becoming a successful affiliate online. Affiliate Program

  1. Join affiliate programs of products you know and trust. You can find thousands of affiliate programs, each promising to be the highest converting or offering the biggest payout. But in the end, the best converting programs will be the ones that you are able to confidently recommend to your visitors. Write a personal review of the products to show your authority and build trust with your customers.
  2. Focus on building traffic to your site. Work on your SEO so your site ranks organically in search engines. Then try a PPC campaign and have your ads linking to relevant content on your site. Just be careful of Trademark policies of the merchants that you’re an affiliate of. Many companies will not allow you to bid on their brand names, so make sure you read through the affiliate agreements carefully.
  3. Write good content. Customers don’t want to just see ads. They want to know why you are recommending products and you need to convince them why they NEED the products. Use a combination of banners and text links to find what works best on your site for your customers. Make the product promotion natural and not a big sales pitch.
  4. Disclose your affiliate relationship. The FTC requires that affiliates disclose that they are compensated if a customer purchases through their links when they are writing a recommendation or review. Here’s an example of the disclosure required: http://www.fatcow.com/affiliate/ftc-disclosure.bml
  5. Do lots of testing. Find out what works for you. Try promoting different programs and see which your customers respond to best. Try rotating different banner placements on your site to see which converts better. Use Google Analytics and affiliate reporting to measure click-through and conversion rates.
  6. Get to know your affiliate managers. A good affiliate manager will be happy to take the time and review your site, give you feedback and work with you to promote their brand. If you can consistently generate a few sales per month, ask for a bonus or commission increase. Then use that bonus to increase your marketing spend and drive even more sales! It can be a win-win for both you and the company you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing takes time to grow, so don’t expect the sales to come overnight. As with any other business venture, you have to put in an effort in order to reap the rewards. While you can find many “get rich quick” programs online stating that all you have to do is become an affiliate and you’ll be an instant millionaire, they always have a catch.  But by following the above tips and working hard at it, you can be very successful at affiliate marketing.

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13 Responses to “6 Tips to Successful Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Emmanuel Mba Says:

    Very useful information and well presented. Thanks

  2. Kenneth Says:

    6 tips are ok and are good ones but a beginner will need many more.

  3. Affiliate Marketing Says:

    When it comes to affiliate marketing a lot of people fail to understand that generating leads and traffic online and offline requires a skill set that most be learned from top marketers or the hard way.

  4. Sunil Says:

    In my experience, most affiliate programs don’t work because the returns on them are so low that it’s not commercially viable. You need money, time and more importantly, the right knowledge to generate quality traffic that will buy your offers.

    In order to make it commercially viable, it helps to join affiliate programs that pay big commissions and give you a high return so you can profit quickly and grow your business fast.

    Anything else is the slow road to failure so you need to make it profitable fast

  5. katherine Page Says:

    Nice Tips, Jen Merry. Thanks for share, affiliate business is money making idea without wasting lots of time and money. If you have choice to choose which kind of affiliate then just go with travel affiliate because travel affiliate business make more money for you.

  6. Darragh McCurragh Says:

    “Join affiliate programs of products you know and trust” Well – on that count the majority of aff marketers stumble or fail – they promote stuff they don’t know, haven’t used, haven’t read about and fake reviews about that everyone notes immediately when they read their sales pitch.

  7. Amy Greene Says:

    Thank you for these great tips on affiliate marketing. I’ll be sure to make note of them when I’m working on my next project.

  8. uzairsiddqiue Says:

    Good tips but there is a lot of things involve to actually become affiliate marketer. You must have knowldege of keywords which can generate traffic to your product landing page. and to get traffic the only way is paid traffic which works not SEO can work every time to generate traffic because google make changes in their algorithms often and that can give you tough time in your traffic. You can promote your affiliate product on social networks,email,blog,forums etc. its a big field to understand but when you learn you can earn good money out of it.

  9. Daniel Masterson Says:

    making affiliate offers work well enough to generate significant income is a skill in itself. Most webmasters add affiliate links thinking that they will start earning easy money, but there is more to it than that. It requires finess and skill to become a successful affiliate in most niches.

  10. Leo Deleon Says:

    well said… just want to add a few more tips… first, make sure you know your target audience or target niche; second, identify what is it they are searching for – this is critical because your entire success in finding these people you are so eagerly wanting to help and market to, boils down to selecting the right keyword phrase that is getting decent amount of traffic. If you hit that “golden” keyword phrase, you might even rank high without SEO. And that is how you get more traffic, then leads, and then sales.

  11. Bankazon Says:

    thanks for valuable tips…

  12. Bill Burniece Says:

    Great tips Jen. You’re right, it takes alot more than just placing a few banner ads these days to succeed with affiliate marketing. The bottom line is providing valuable information and helping people get what they want before they’ll reward you with a click and a commission.

    Thanks Jen – Bill

  13. Mark Says:

    Tip #4 is imperative for any responsible affiliate. You should always cover yourself no matter what. Some people think they will never get caught, but when the do, they sometimes can not recover from the hit. Thanks for reminding us that this is a very important step to do as an affiliate marketer.

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