Why Content is the Centerpiece for Good Design

By Jessica Ann
September 30, 2013


When the Internet was first around, you could put up a webpage, post a picture of something and stick up some content. You might come back every other week or so, check on it, add a little something and then forget about it for another couple of weeks.

But in today’s digital environment, fresh content on a consistent basis is required.  And that’s not all: Nowadays, your web design needs to work hand-in-hand with your content.

Why content is important

To make your website come alive and speak to your visitors, you need to have fascinating content. You need to draw your visitors in so they’ll want to explore your company. A website is like a book: you want your visitors to be glued to the first paragraph and then hold their attention to the end. You want your customers to be engaged, inspired, or curious about what the value your company can provide them. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling something creatively with a story, or if you’re creating informative product descriptions, your content needs to stand out.

Use a blog as part of your content strategy to come across casual and approachable, like you’re talking to your friend over a cup of coffee. Picture this: You just come back from an amazing vacation and you want to share all of the details with your friend. But this friend also just got a dog. You don’t want to monopolize the conversation and talk only about your vacation. You want to learn more about her experience as a new dog owner, but you’re more excited to talk about you. So what do you do?

You may talk a little about your trip, sharing some fun stories. But make sure not to monopolize the conversation. Look to see if your friend’s eyes start to glaze over, and take this as a sign of this happens. Ask questions. While you can’t look your customers in the eye while they’re reading your content, try to pretend they’re actual humans. Blogging is all about being human and balancing information.

Input is one way to achieve this balance. It’s important because not only does it help to keep your visitors coming back. One great way to get input is in the comment section of your blog. The comments help to give you insight into how your customers feel about your products and/or services.

Experiment with Content

You can either pick a theme with your blog and stick to it, or experiment and mix it up a bit. If you’re just starting out, it might be best to test the waters, and see what strikes a chord with your audience. Post a few paragraphs from a blog post to your Facebook page, and ask questions. Make it fun, and don’t come across demanding. The worst way you can try to engage with your customers is to request that they “like” your blog or ask them to comment. You want the engagement to come naturally. Try to garner attention without screaming at them.

Design does get you noticed

Just like your content, make sure your design is balanced. You don’t want it to lack symmetry. You need to be careful how you lay out your designs. By using color, shape, and size, you can convey how the website looks and what you’d like to portray.

When using color you need to use the same color palette. Using shocking red with white and making bull’s eyes all over your site only works if you’re a brand like Target. Shocking colors may create awareness for your brand offline, but keep in mind how the colors may hurt the eyes of people who view your business online. You’ll want to make your design stand out and compliment the uniqueness of your business without making people turn away.

Using graphics to emphasize

When you use graphics, don’t overwhelm your website with flashing colors and pictures. Graphics are used to add to the visual message you are sending. You can either choose free web design icons or hire a graphic designer to more thoroughly convey a unique look. Graphic design enhances your content and compliments it.

Content, design and graphics should blend together seamlessly to get your point across without being overwhelming. You want your visitors to linger, give opinions, read your content and most of all, to come back.

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