What does Responsive Web Design Mean for Your Business?

By Jessica Ann
November 11, 2013

If you’re wondering what responsive web design can mean for your business, there’s no better place to start then…Blockbuster.


People of a certain age may remember trudging down to the local Blockbuster with your parents to rent a DVD – or before that a VHS video. It seems strange now given the technology we all have at our fingertips, but back then Blockbuster was fantastic. We marveled at our ability to exercise choice and take our entertainment back to the comfort of our living rooms.

But then we all moved on. We stopped going to Blockbuster, first to receive DVDs through the mail, and then to download content directly into our homes. Blockbuster took its eye off the ball and stopped giving its customers what they wanted. It didn’t take long for the implosion to start.

Let’s Get Back To Web Design Please

Okay, back to the Internet and web design. Your customers are increasingly using mobile devices to play, socialize, work, search and shop. To avoid the Blockbuster-trap and stay with them you need to remain relevant. And to be relevant you need to be available on the devices they’re using.

Here are some figures:

  • 43% of internet users use mobile devices as their primary method of sending or receiving emails
  • 46% of internet users use mobile devices as their primary method of accessing social media
  • 91% of mobile phone users and 88% of tablet users use their devices to search
  • Many websites now get significant amounts of traffic from users on mobile devices

And here is the big one:

Nine out of ten mobile searches results in a follow up action. This may be making a phone call or visiting a local shop, café or restaurant (for local businesses, communicating with your customers through mobile devices is now critical). It might also be telling someone else about the result or making a purchase.

You cannot ignore mobile devices. Your customers are becoming more comfortable using them. And this will eventually result in mobile devices becoming more and more common. You can’t go back in time (unless, of course you want to watch that B-rated Blockbuster).

Attractiveness And A Good User Experience

Now you might be thinking: “But I already have a really good website and it can be viewed on any device.” That is true, but web users are becoming much savvier these days and they demand more.

Forcing a user to scroll or resize in order to view your website is not a good user experience. A website that has been built with responsive design will display perfectly on any device, with graphics, the text and the layout adapting to fit the device. The result is that your website will look as good as it can on all devices.

With a responsive web design you’ll experience a higher conversion rate from users on mobile devices. Even if converting website viewers into customers isn’t your thing, you will still see benefits from responsive web design through increased time spent on your website and more interaction.

If your web design is more of a clunky block than a beautiful buster, consider a better user experience. Responsive web design is a realistic option. It’ll work to display your content in the best way on mobile devices, which will win your business into the hearts of your customers (who may or may not be watching your website from their living rooms).


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3 Responses to “What does Responsive Web Design Mean for Your Business?”

  1. Calgary Web Design Says:

    Responsiveness is so important in web design nowadays.

  2. Nate Balcom Says:

    Ha I dig your Block Buster analogy.

  3. Lockedown Design Says:

    Excellent points…I still see many visual designers clinging to full screen only designs, as the rest of the world moves forward onto a myriad of devices.

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