3 Web Design Options on a Budget

By Jessica Ann
November 25, 2013

Web design is a core component to your website. Your photos, the quality of the designs you choose, and your font choice speaks volumes about your business. You may think that in order to be a big player in the web design game, you’ll need lots of fancy (and expensive) tools. But sometimes simplicity with your web design means that you don’t need to be the biggest player, but rather the most resourceful one in the game.


Being resourceful means that you don’t need the full PhotoShop suite. Or even an outside editor when you sign up with a hosting plan. If you’re looking to doodle with delight but don’t want to dive into expensive options, here are some other alternatives:

1. A drag and drop site builder

FatCow’s drag and drop builder lets you build a professional-looking site that goes hand-in-hand with your business. You can select one of the professional themes as your foundation of your site, then easily integrate videos, pictures, maps and contact forms to make your unique look come together. It allows you to publish with ease, and the best part is that it’s free with your FatCow hosting plan. Plus, you don’t even need to know html.

2. WordPress

If you’ve been researching web design options, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. It’s an open source application where you can create your website, publish blog posts, and create new web pages. WordPress allows you to create a professional design with tons of themes that have flair and function. There are thousands of plugins that are available for WordPress, which is great if you’re looking for more advanced functionality.

3. PicMonkey

You’re not only partial to cows. And you realize that monkey’s are cool too. Especially when tools like PicMonkey allow you to be the most memorable animal in the zoo by editing your photos online. You can make photo collages, touch up a professional headshot, or enliven your information graphic. If you have tons of creativity, but no time to learn new software, PicMonkey is for you.

Whether you’re starting a new website from scratch or want to create a community, choosing the right web design options for your budget doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can be a resourceful business owner and have some fun. And if you do it right, you may wind up becoming the big player in the game, minus the big shot tools.

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