How to Use Ideas to Fuel Web Design

By Jessica Ann
November 27, 2013

You can find inspiration for your web design just about anywhere. Whether you look to art, architecture, movie, television, or books, ideas are virtually (and physically) everywhere. But some days you don’t necessarily need more ideas. You’re already brimming with inspiration. You simply need to find a way to streamline. You need to find ways to put faith into all of your amazing ideas to fuel your web design, so that you can make the most impact with your business.

Business magnate and hip hop mogul Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) says it best:

What holds most people back isn’t the quality of their ideas, but their lack of faith in themselves.

Both Russell Simmons (and singer George Michael) know that you’ve gotta have faith to make moves in your business. Here are some ideas to get faith in your ideas, and to fuel your web design:

  1. Start a design board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visually stunning photo-sharing website where you can create and manage theme-based image collections. Why not create a board that will help you evolve your business in a strategic way? Sure, you can have some fun browsing recipes, clothing, and ways to organize too. But when you come across boards with beautiful and free fonts that you may want to use in your web design, you’ll have an easy and helpful reference to look at.

The point of starting a design board is to have a platform to organize your ideas in an efficient way. And while it’s great if you come up with new ideas, try not to get distracted. Distractions can be fun, but before you know it, you’ll reach the end of the Internet at 4am. But then you’ll realize that you’ll need to go to work the next day. That’s a problem you don’t want.

Pinterest can be that addicting if you let it. So, set a timer when you’re browsing and pinning photos. It’ll help you reign in any inspiration that goes overboard.

  1. Look to Nature

When 11 companies got rebranded as black metal bands, the designer said that his work is an extension of his interest in nature. Simplicity is important for web design, and nature is the perfect place to look.

When you combine two seemingly opposite things (web design and black metal bands), and the common grounding factor is nature, you know that there’s a whole lot more inspiration where that came from. Here are more tactical tips to use when you look to nature to fuel your web design:

• Find themes within nature. Do you like the long lines of trees or the translucence of raindrops? You can make your web design as literal or abstract as you wish. Just make sure that you jot down your jolts of inspiration with a notepad (either digital or physical notebooks work).

  1. Create a community

Russell Simmons and George Michael may be an opposite ends of the musical spectrum. And they may not have created their communities from a website. But they understand how to be personable to create communities in the real world. And from their communities comes faith in their business. Building a community, or involving yourself in a community of like-minded professionals can help fuel ideas for web design.  Or at the very least, give you the faith that you need to make an impact.

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